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Meet Melissa.

Melissa K. Norris was a working wife and mother who turned back to her roots as a 5th generation homesteader when she had a cancer scare. She beta-tested her first product five years ago and within two years quit her day job and has helped millions online learn how to improve their health and food security with modern homesteading. Her advice has been featured in The New Pioneer Magazine, Self-Sufficiency Magazine, and Forbes.com. Using these strategies she runs a multiple six-figure business from her homestead (with no prior business experience or connections).

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Meet Anne.

Anne Briggs lived in the city and worked in tech. She wanted to gain freedom of her time and finances, learn to work with her hands, become more involved in her food chain, and get out of the city, so she started a business, saved her pennies, and documented her exodus from high rises to hay fields. She quickly amassed an online audience of over 500,000 by sharing that journey. Her six-figure education-based business focuses on teaching disappearing life skills like homesteading, woodworking, and blacksmithing, uniquely combining passion-based skillsets with business-building techniques to help folks monetize their time to create businesses that serve their unique needs rather than creating work that dominates their time, freedom, and life. Anne has been published in over 60 magazines with multiple front-cover features, has delivered keynote addresses and demonstrations all over the world, and is currently building a school in Nashville called the School of All Trades.

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