Grow a Year's Worth of Food in Your Backyard

Learn how to create a thriving garden in your backyard that will feed you and your family not only through the growing season but all year round.

Melissa is a best-selling author and has taught people from all across the country how to grow a year's worth of food in a backyard setting for over a decade. This workshop gives you over 23+ years of gardening experience to shorten the learning curve and have you harvesting bushels of food this year!

Join us for a full-day immersive learning experience (9 -5) Saturday, May 20th, 2023, at Norris Farmstead in Rockport, WA.

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Say Good-bye to the Grocery Store

There's never been a better time to grow an abundance of healthy food in your backyard. In this full-day workshop, you'll join Melissa and a special guest instructor for a full day of jam-packed learning.

You'll discover and learn:

  • Customized growth plan for your fruit, vegetable, and herbal production on your homestead.
  • A personalized plan to grow a year's worth of food based on your family's eating habits and climate.
  • How to analyze your property and yard for the best placements of your crops to get the maximum harvest, based on harnessing the four major microclimates almost every backyard has.
  • How to grow a garden that will feed your family for a full year, without a greenhouse, even in the shorter northern growing climate of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Easy ways to put in a new garden and build healthy soil without synthetic fertilizers.
  • Planning and optimizing an orchard even if you don't have a lot of property or aren't in your permanent location.
  • Growing elderberries and citrus in a Northern Climate from expert gardener and beekeeper Seth Smith.

Ticket sales have ended

Noon Meal Time

Enjoy a shared meal experience! (valued at $50)

During the training, we'll pause for lunch and share it together.

This will be a chance to break bread with like-minded people, and enjoy delicious food with good company!

100-year-old Family Strain of Heirloom Bean Seed

Starter packet of heirloom Tarheel green pole bean seed (value=priceless)

For over 100+ years, Melissa's family has been seed-saving a strain of green pole beans that originated from the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.

Her Grandparents brought the seed with them in the 1940s when they migrated to Washington state. This strain is highly prolific and unlike any store-bought green bean you've ever tasted.

Limited Inventory of PNW Hardy Plants

Limited amount of specially grown bushes & trees

Seth is bringing a small supply of figs, hardy citrus, and elderberry plants.

These are from his stock that produces well in our cooler northern climate without the aid of a greenhouse.

It is limited to quantity on hand.

Your Guide to Home Food Production

Food Freedom - grow nutrient dense food in your backyard.

Grow A Year's Worth of Food Workshop

Only 50 27 spots

  • One day participation w/ Melissa & Seth at Norris Farmstead on Saturay May 20th, 2023.
  • From-Scratch Lunch
  • FREE Starter Packet of Heirloom Green Bean Seed
  • Limited supply of elderberry bushes, hardy citrus, and fig trees for purchase

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The tickets are non-refundable, but we understand emergencies happen. If you're unable to attend, we will transfer your ticket to another one of our workshops -- it may not be the same workshop as we only do each subject once a year.

The class will be held rain or shine. You'll also be up close and personal so we advise wearing boots and clothes you don't mind getting dirty.