Learn Traditional Butchery

Learn the art of hand butchery from the Farmstead Meatsmith, aka Brandon Sheard.

Brandon has been teaching on-farm slaughter and traditional butchery and charcuterie since 2010. Once he tasted the flavor difference and saw the amount of money one saves by butchering at home, he never looked back!

Join us for a full 2-day immersive learning experience (9 -5) Friday & Saturday, October 13 & 14, 2023, at Norris Farmstead in Rockport, WA.

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Man holding a home cured ham

What Others Are Saying

"As a father, I am less than excited to involve my children in something that has potential to harm them. As a nurse, I often interact with people afflicted by infection and wouldn’t rather that anyone go through it because of my culinary curiosity. Your ability to articulate the difference between science and fear has helped me recognize what I wasn’t able to alone: I do understand basic microbiology and can perceive its doings.

Learning your approach to curing was a personal revolution. For now, I can say that the class was worth every dollar. Thank you."
Jordan ~ student of Brandon's

I’ve taken many classes where I’ve walked away and felt like I could have spent ten minutes with a book and learned just as much. This class is the first class in a long time that I felt like I was given real info and I can tell that this is a passion for Brandon. It was well worth the money.

Paul in Oregon

Say Good-bye to Conventional Pork

Now is the time to learn how to butcher and preserve meat using traditional skills and salt-curing to provide delicious food for your family. In this two-day workshop, you'll be side-by-side with Melissa and Brandon Sheard from Farmstead Meatsmith

This is a full two-day workshop where you'll leave knowing how to slaughter a pig and put all of it to use (no losing the back fat and essential bacteria for curing by skinning the pig). On the second day, you'll observe how to break down the four sides of pork, including whole muscle curing, blood pudding, and offal cookery,  as well as how to break down any four-legged livestock carcass.

You'll discover and learn:

  • traditional slaughter, scalding, scraping, and eviscerating methods
  • discover how to use salt and traditional methods to preserve meat without refrigeration
  • artful quartering
  • whole muscle curing (how to make bacon, prosciutto, guanciale and ham)
  • blood pudding
  • offal cookery
  • the essential equipment needed and how to use it
  • knowledge of how to break down any four-legged livestock carcass

Noon Meal Time Both Days

Enjoy shared meal experiences! (valued at $50)

On both days of the training, we'll pause for lunch and share it together.

This will be a chance to break bread with like-minded people, and enjoy delicious food with good company!

Special Farm-to-Table Celebratory Dinner

Evening meal on Friday, October 13th, 2023! (valued at $100)

Join Brandon Sheard, Melissa & Clay Norris, for a delicious from-scratch dinner.

We'll feature local produce raised at Norris Farmstead as well as sourcing from other area farms for a gourmet meal.

"Brandon and Lauren are particularly good at inculcating a sense of wonder and respect for the pig/pork and made it fascinating to see what all could be done with it. The workshop was thorough, and in a way, elegant, neat, tidy, efficient, and engaging.”

Virginia, from our first class

I can’t even begin to speak highly enough about the class. It was more than just a butchery class and we covered way more topics than I expected. You guys were bombarded with questions from all over the place some more relevant than others, sorry ’bout that!
I especially liked the charcuterie and cooking techniques that we covered… I was amazed at how literally nothing went to waste in your class.
Vern, one of our first students

Your Guide to Traditional Butchery

Food Freedom - Never rely on someone else to raise or butcher your meat - or the power company.


limited to 6 spots

  • Two-day Hands-On ticket you will be hands-on during the entire hog butchering process at Norris Farmstead on October 13 & 14, 2023
  • Lunch both days
  • Farm to Table Dinner Friday night
  • 20 lb minimum of pork to take home *if hog is larger you'll get more meat ($280 value)
Reserve 1 spot for $899  NOW


limited to 20 spots

  • Two-day Observer Ticket you'll be able to see every step of the process at Norris Farmstead on October 13 & 14, 2023
  • Lunch both days
  • Farm to Table Dinner Friday night
  • 5 lb minimum of pork to take home *if hog is larger you'll get more meat ($70 value)


The tickets are non-refundable, but we understand emergencies happen. If you're unable to attend, we will transfer your ticket to another one of our workshops -- it may not be the same workshop as we don't know if Brandon will be able to coordinate his schedule to return.

The class will be held rain or shine. You'll also be up close and personal so we advise wearing boots and clothes you don't mind getting dirty- even bloody.