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The Pioneering Today Academy is a monthly membership that gives you the step-by-step tutorials and community to create a homegrown and from-scratch garden, pantry, and home. Join Now for the Fall Herbal Challenge!


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Fast Track & Convenient Way To Learn How To Grow Your Self-Sufficiency Skills...

 Serving your family healthy food, without harmful preservatives, pesticides, and GMO ingredients is simple and easy with the video library:


My comprehensive library with video tutorials walks you through every step of raising your own organic food. I'll help you pick your best growing spot, give you best practices for crop rotation, companion planting, harvesting, season extenders and then put your homegrown food into jars for your family, so you can avoid pesticides and GMO's.


Serving your family healthy food, without harmful preservatives, pesticides, and GMO ingredients is simple and easy with my downloadable guides accompanying every lesson. Get my time saving tips (with safety always in mind) so your food is incorporated into from scratch cooking, preserved in several ways for use throughout the year, and the seed is collected for next year


Ask questions, share ideas, and get support and inspiration with hundreds of other homesteaders and simple living folks just like you. With people all over the country and globe, from apartment homesteaders to those with acreage, you'll find others who not only understand, but offer advice and help so you never lack the knowledge on how to provide a self-sufficient home for your family.

Now that you know what the Academy offers, you can see how it's helped others in more videos below!

The Academy & members of this group have literally changed my life.  

Before joining this group I didn't can food. Today I have 163 jars of vegetables and jam. I am now getting ready to can beets for the first time. I still have tomatoes growing for sauce and diced tomatoes. We have filled, literally, a small freezer full of vegetables. It is a blessing to be a member of this group and continue to learn ways to help us be more self sufficient. I may not ever buy a loaf of bread again." 

Update: we ended up with over 400 jars at the end of our first season with the Academy! Cheryl~PTA member 

Membership Features

Step-by-step tutorials

Choose from the course library with easy to follow step-by-step hands on instrucional videos walking you through growing your own food, seed saving, canning, and sourdough just to name a few!

Printable Guides & Recipes 

Every lesson has printable guides and recipes for easy referance for you to store on your computer or print out for a hard copy, including planting and planning charts!

Twice a Month Live Q&A's

On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, join me for a LIVE stream. The 2nd Thursday is our monthly gardening tasks broken down by gardening zone and the 4th Thursday is the live Q&A. There's always a replay and written recap!

Monthly Seasonal Harvest Guide

Seasonal living and eating is what homesteading is all about. Each month get a harvest and/or buying guide of in season fruits and vegetables with recipes for meal planning and preserving to enjoy them year round in your pantry!

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$29 a month

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$29.97 a Month

24/7 Access to all videos & courses

Printable guides, charts & recipes

Monthly Seasonal Harvest & Recipe Guide

Live Q&A Twice a Month

Private FB group & community

Resource page & list

Invite to Melissa's in person homestead meetup

Member challenges with prizes


Option 2: $269 Annually only $22/Month 

24/7 Access to all videos & courses  

Printable guides, charts & recipes  

Monthly Seasonal Harvest & Recipe Guide  

Live Q&A twice a Month  

Private FB group & community  

Resource page & list

Invite to Melissa's in person homestead meetup  

Member challenges with prizes

3 Months FREE

Video Library

As a PTA member, you'll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to my entire library of over 6+ full e-courses. Here are a few examples of what you're about to access (these courses are valued at over $1,000 when purchased individually) .

Grow Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

Raise your own organic vegetables and fruits no matter where you live for better health & flavor from seed to jar!

Home Food Preservation

Learn how to SAFELY preserve the harvest with my FULL home canning course and recipes, fermentation, and dehydrating. 

Traditional Cooking


 Full course on sourdough, fresh ground flour, rendering your own lard, home baking, and bone broth.

Herbs & Natural Remedies

Learn how to grow your own herbs & safely create a natural medicine cabinet from custom blended teas, tinctures, herbal salves & soaps.

Seed Saving

Learn how to seed save your own garden seed, including cross-pollination guide, hand-pollinating, storing, and more!

Here's what members are saying:

On demand access to full video e-course library


Even more ways to save time & increase your self-sufficiency  

These bonuses are only available with the purchase of the Academy

BONUS #1 Monthly Seasonal Harvest Guide  

(valued at $108 annually)  

* fruits & vegetables in season with harvest tips  

* from scratch recipes featuring seasonal produce for breakfast, dinner, sides, dessert, and snacks  

* preserving tips, recipes & tutorials  

* seasonal herb harvest & recipe tips  

* DIY craft & natur&l remedies based on seasonal items  

Inside the membership the 1st of every month!

BONUS #2 Custom Tea Towel  

(valued at $12)  

 Use this tea towel to:  

* cover your home baked breads (with our favorite recipes waiting inside the Academy) and goodies  

* use to set your freshly canned home canned goods on to cool  

* keep your hands dry while whipping up from scratch meals  

* keep your kitchen functional and beautiful by hanging this on the oven or fridge door

Total Bonus Value: $120

Total value + bonuses: $1,001 annually (but you can join for as little as $22 a month with our annual option)  

Successfully grow your own food from seed "For years I have had failures and so-so results. This is the first year my seeds will make it in the garden, not planting ones purchased from the store. The videos are great! I am excited for this gardening season. " Debbie H. PTA member

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Get started today and get access to EVERYTHING you need to create a natural and self-sufficient home, kitchen, garden and barnyard. What are you waiting for?

Who Should Join Pioneering Today Academy?

Simple Life Enthusiasts Feel like the world is moving way too fast and away from the things that really matter? Get back to the basics with others who feel the same way you do, where home grown and homemade isn't a dream, but a way of life. ​

Busy Folks If you're strapped for time you don't have any extra to waste making costly mistakes or spending hours searching all over the internet for reliable information. You need someone to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to do things in your home.... and that's what you'll get in PTA

  Parents and Grandparents If you're a parent or grandparent who cares about making sure children learn these valuable skill sets and traditions that are in danger of being lost and want to pass down a legacy of doing things together as a family, this is the place for you.  

  Modern Homesteaders If you want to create a self-sufficient home and food system that's not dependent on stores and big agriculture that uses the traditions and skill sets of our ancestors, then this is the place for you.